Open office at Malm

Everyone is invited to take part in open activities centered around the Granny-universe, at Malmö Library next week.


Tuesday 22/2 6-8 pm

The movie ”Nasty Old People”

Hanna Sköld took a private bank loan of 10 000 Euro to make her first feature Nasty OldPeople.

She released it with a Creative Commons License on The Pirate Bay. Meet the director Hanna Sköld and the media strategist Richard Topgaard (MEDEA) after the film.

Wednesday 23/2

Open Scriptwriting workshop

An open workshop centered around a scene from the script to “Granny’s Dancing on the Table”. Anyone can take attend the workshop, but the first ones to attend can participate. Lead by Hanna Sköld.

Thursday 24/2 3-5pm

Fokusgroup ”Granny’s Dancing on the Table”

We’re searching for a group of 6-8 female in different ages, to discuss the themes of “Granny’s Dancing on the Table”. We will also improvise together around the Granny-universe. Lead by Ozma Gamedesign. Read more:

Friday 25/2 10am-5pm

Play a reality-game

The team behind ”Granny’s Dancing on the Table” will create a reality-game during the week. Everyone is invited to play the game between 10am and 5pm at the library. (You can start to play anytime during the day. )

Friday 25/2-4 pm

Borrow a gamedesigner, scriptwriter or director.

Visitors at the library are invited to borrow a living gamedesigner, scriptwriter or director for 30 minutes.

At the library:

Ozma Speldesign: Bobbi Augustine Sand, Karin Ryding, Kristina Björkman

Tangram Film: Hanna Sköld, Andrea Kåberg