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Jenifer Malmqvist

Jenifer makes character-driven cinema. Her films have been described as realism infused with the absurdism and surrealism of everyday life. They have been screened and awarded around the world. Both “Peace Talk” and “Birthday” were selected for Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and in 2010. In 2009 Jenifer was awarded the scholarship in the memory of the Swedish film director Bo Widerberg. “Birthday” is her graduation film from The Film Directing Program at The Polish National Film School in Lodz. She is currently working on a short documentary and a fiction feature film script. She joined Tangram Film in June 2010.

“I love the work and the film workers, you say “crew” like on a ship. I’ve worked on ships and it’s somewhat similar; you work during a short amount of time very intensely together. You almost become like a family. I like every step in the process including the loneliness of writing for example. If it wasn’t for filmmaking I would probably be depressed. It is a survival thing for me”.

Some of her films

BUFF Children Film Festival Trailer, 1 min, Red, Sweden
Födelsedag (Birthday), fiction, 18 min, 35 mm, Poland and Sweden

Pobratymcy (Brotherhood), documentary, 14 min, HDv, Poland
Ewakuacja (Evacuation), fiction, 6 min, 35 mm, Poland

Na koncu ulicy (At The End Of The Street), fiction, 14 min, Dv, Poland

13 lat i 10 miesiecy (13 Years and 10 Months), documentary, 35 mm, Poland

I fred (Peace Talk), fiction, 14 min, Dv, Sweden

Ängel Bängel (Angel Schmangel), documentary, 12 min, Dv, Sweden
Morgonstjärnor (Morning Stars), documentary, Dv, Sweden
Välkommen, fiction, 7 min, Dv, Sweden

Makt (Power) fiction, 1 min, Dv, Sweden

Contact: jenifer@tangramfilm.se