Vanja Sandell Billström

Filmmaker, born in Stockholm, Sweden. After two years of studies at the film college of Skurups Folkhögskola, she formed Tangram Film in Malmö 2007, together with Andrea Kåberg, Hanna Sköld and Jenifer Malmqvist. She has also collaborated with different artists and filmmakers as a prop master and set design assistant (Axel Petersén, Henrik Andersson, Katarina Elvén, Pia Aleborg, Ruben Östlund and Signa Sørensen among others). Currently she represents the local branch of Tangram Film in Stockholm, where she studies at the Royal Institute of Art.


2004-2006: Skurups Folkhögskola, Film education
2007-2008: Malmö Högskola, Cultural Studies
2009-2012: Royal Institute of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts


2010: Notes On A Room (work in progress)
2009: Maneuvre
2009: The Participant
2007: It’s just a bubble
2006: The Housewife & The Inspector
2005: Passing By
2005: Company