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A new short by Jenifer Malmqvist is will be screened both at Sundance Film festival as part of “International narrative short films”, as well as at Startsladden, Gothenburg Film Festival!!

See you there!


As a part of Granniverse, Eini is going on a joruney to discover the world. Follow her jorney at www.facebook.com/grannysdancing


This is a picture of Eini, who lives isolated from the world, surviving because of the stories about her granny. We have shot the first part of granny’s dancing on the table in Dalarna, and now we continue to create the animations!

And here is Eini, together with her father.

Granniverse is kickstarting!

Watch the video at Kickstarter

Granny’s dancing on The Table is produced by Good World. Hanna Sköld from Tangram Film is writer and director, and right now we are crowdfunding to be able to start the shooting this fall. The film is to be released with a creative commons license!!

Follow Granniverse at Facebook and twitter

Some pics from Granniverse!


We’re nominated for the short film prize Startsladden!

We’re happy to announce that “The Photographer” by Vanja Sandell Billström is nominated for the short film prize Startsladden at Göteborg International Film Festival 2012. The festival is one of the largest arena for short film in Sweden and the film competes with seven other films.

With a camera present we all become aware of the image that will represent us. The Photographer shows up at the Writer, with the expectations that a film will appear in front of her. On the hunt for a specific state, she exposes people with her camera . A film about being filmed and the expectations of a filmmaker.

A warm welcome to Göteborg in January the 27th!!


Yes we Cannes!

Tangram is going to Cannes. Hanna will receive the prestigious European Talent Prize, awarded by the European Union’s Media program; “the prize singles out Media-funded projects with the greatest potential to reach a pan-European audience” (see link below). Jenifer’s shortfilm “Birthday” is part of the ShortFilmCorner. Birthday has now been screened at over hundred festivals. See you in Cannes!




Skånska Dagbladet

Open office at Malm

Everyone is invited to take part in open activities centered around the Granny-universe, at Malmö Library next week.



Tuesday 22/2 6-8 pm

The movie ”Nasty Old People”

Hanna Sköld took a private bank loan of 10 000 Euro to make her first feature Nasty OldPeople.

She released it with a Creative Commons License on The Pirate Bay. Meet the director Hanna Sköld and the media strategist Richard Topgaard (MEDEA) after the film.

Wednesday 23/2

Open Scriptwriting workshop

An open workshop centered around a scene from the script to “Granny’s Dancing on the Table”. Anyone can take attend the workshop, but the first ones to attend can participate. Lead by Hanna Sköld.

Thursday 24/2 3-5pm

Fokusgroup ”Granny’s Dancing on the Table”

We’re searching for a group of 6-8 female in different ages, to discuss the themes of “Granny’s Dancing on the Table”. We will also improvise together around the Granny-universe. Lead by Ozma Gamedesign. Read more: http://bit.ly/e573v4

Friday 25/2 10am-5pm

Play a reality-game

The team behind ”Granny’s Dancing on the Table” will create a reality-game during the week. Everyone is invited to play the game between 10am and 5pm at the library. (You can start to play anytime during the day. )

Friday 25/2-4 pm

Borrow a gamedesigner, scriptwriter or director.

Visitors at the library are invited to borrow a living gamedesigner, scriptwriter or director for 30 minutes.

At the library:

Ozma Speldesign: Bobbi Augustine Sand, Karin Ryding, Kristina Björkman

Tangram Film: Hanna Sköld, Andrea Kåberg

Granny’s Dancing on the Table at Berlinale

Hanna Sköld and Helene Granqvist will be in Berlin at Berlinale to talk about Granny’s Dancing on the Table, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.


HomeBase Lounge, Köthener Str. 44, Berlin

Also with our fifth dfc we will leave most of the floor to participants and selected filmmakers who we believe can share some knowledge on crowd funding.

At the beginning participants have time to briefly introduce themselves. We then will have a short presentation on the history of distribution, its latest developments and the status quo of social media filmmaking by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier. After this we will open the floor to short project introductions by our special guests, followed by an BarCamp-style discussion with all participants.

dfc #5 on Monday, 14th February, in bullet points:

* 09:00 – floor open for first meeting and introduction
* 09:30 – introductory session with Wolfgang Gumpelmaier
* 10:00 – first session
* 11:00 – second session
* 12:00 – third session
* 13:00 – chill out & networking
* 14:00 – end

List of film projects attending so far:

* Hanna Sköld & Helene Granqvist, `Granny´s Dancing on the Table´
* Steven James Scott, `The Sequence´
* Christian Riedel, `Die Ehrlichen´
* Nana Yuriko, `Bar 25 – Der Film´

Speaker list:

* Wolfgang Gumpelmaier, filmtiki
* Danae Ringelmann, Founder and COO indiegogo
* Konrad Lauten, inkubato
* Tino Keßner, startnext
* Tim Busse, mySherpas


First screening of Lady Crush (Tantlängtan) at Gothenburg film festival!

Three lonely people who want to go somewhere else. They are all struggling with something  unstated. When the actors are replaced by clay animations, their dreams are realised and disguises provide relief.


Sunday: 30/1 12.30, Bergakungen 4

Wednesday: 2/2 21.30, Bergakungen 6

Friday: 4/2 15.00, Bergakungen 5

Produced by Good World & Tangram Film

Therése Hammar, Karin Bertling, Håkan Jeppsson

Director Hanna Sköld, Producer Helene Granqvist, Animations, Daniel Svensson, DOP Andrea Kåberg, Sound design David Gûlich, Composer Giorgio Giampà, Set Design, Åsa Libereath, Costume Josefin Granqvist, Props Lydia Antivalidis, Grading Michael Cavanaugh, Assistent director Jenifer Malmqvist, On set manager Karen Helene Hugaard,